CU Community Involvement

Fact: Credit Unions are awesome.

If you hadn’t figured it out already, credit unions genuinely care about their communities, and Taconnet FCU is no different. We’re all bombarded with organizations and businesses vying for our attention, so often times beneficial events/efforts for the community are overlooked. If you look around and actually pay attention to your community, you’ll probably notice that credit unions give back in ways you might never have imagined. While there are several credit unions in the area, we all still strive towards common goals of making sure we are partnering with one another to make our community a better place. Here are a few events in the Central Maine area that credit unions are proud to be a part of.

Financial Fitness Fairs

This is fresh on our minds as yesterday afternoon, the Kennebec Valley Chapter of Credit Unions all came together collectively and talked to high school students from around Central Maine about financial literacy, and life after graduating college. There are financial fitness fairs all around the state, and credit unions are spearheading the efforts to make sure high school juniors and seniors are getting a test run on life before they actually experience it. The high schoolers visit several booths and have to balance a budget while purchasing a car, renting an apartment, paying off loans and buying clothing and food. It’s a great way to show both young and old alike how to budget, and also how to make ends meet when life throws you curveballs.


Walk to End Hunger

The Walk to End Hunger is put on by Maine State Credit Union each year in Augusta. They’ve also recently added a 5K road race for all of you who love to run! The walk raised over $33,000 last year. What’s amazing is that while Maine State is the credit union that hosts/plans the event, they open the event to other credit unions who are looking to raise money for ending hunger as well.


Christmas In July

Benefiting the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers, the Christmas in July program is designed to help distribute boxes of gifts and clothing to more than 1,700 financially disadvantaged children throughout the state. Each year, several credit unions around Central Maine take donations, both financial and gifts, and donate them back to the Children’s Home, where they in turn donate them back to the community. Nearly every credit union in the area helped donate both money and goods to the cause. Pictured below is a photo of several credit union employees from various locations in Central Maine.

2015 Christmas in July Group Picture

To be completely honest, these are just three of the many different community events that credit unions take place in. For us, the competition fades when it comes to bettering where we live. We’re all in this together, and we hope that you take comfort in knowing that if you’re a member of a credit union in Maine, they’re probably helping out your community in ways you didn’t even realize!

-The Taconnet Team