Throwing Cash In The Trash

We doubt that you literally throw money away into your trash can, but did you know there are several ways you are throwing money away, and you don't even know it? It's true! There are several things that we spend money on each month that is relatively useless. Where are you wasting your money? Here are a few places we found are the biggest culprits.

Gym Memberships

It's okay if you utilize the gym and actually go on a regular basis, but those promotional rates don't last forever, and often times people ditch the gym after a short period. If you're not using the gym anymore, but still paying the monthly fee, call and cancel. You can always register again once you gain more motivation.

Using a Credit Card With a High Interest Rate

If you're going to carry a balance on a credit card, make sure it's a card that doesn't have an astronomical interest rate. They're out there, and you might have one in your wallet. Visit your local credit union (Like Taconnet FCU) and see what they have to offer for a credit card. We'd wager that they may be able to offer you something better than what you currently have...which leads us to our next point.


We would never gamble with your hard earned money that you put here in the credit union...but we also advise you to be careful when gambling. There is the thrill of the possibility of hitting it big, but don't go too crazy. If you're going broke trying to win the lottery or hit it big at the slots, you're doing it wrong. Remember, the house ALWAYS wins.

Not Going to the Dentist

Hear us out. If you have dental insurance (even if you don't) consider going to the dentist ever 6 months. It ensures that your mouth and teeth are healthy and you won't have to have any major fixes done. Even a little cavity can not only be a nuisance to eat with, but it can also cost quite a bit of money. Brush twice a day, floss every day and go to the dentist. It'll save you money in the long run.

Grocery Shopping While Hungry

Have you ever been grocery shopping when your stomach is growling? If you're like us, you'll end up with tons of things you didn't need, and a grocery bill thats much higher than you expected. Even if you carry a piece of fruit with you in your car, make sure you aren't starving when you step into the store. You'll be wondering why you bought 3 boxes of Oreos, and completely forgot to get milk and eggs.

Not Unplugging

Even though your appliances may not be turned on, they're still sucking electricity if they are plugged in. If you aren't using your toaster, microwave, computer, TV, or other appliances, unplug them and save money on your money electrical bill!

Buying Bottled Water

You literally have an endless supply of water that comes from your faucet. Drink that, save money. It's a simple as that.

Checking Account Fees

What? That's crazy talk. Why are you paying monthly fees on a checking account, when you know that you can open a no minimum balance, no monthly fee checking from Taconnet? That's just silly.

Buying a cup of Coffee

You just spent almost $2 on a cup of could have brewed an entire pot for a fraction of the cost. We understand that sometimes you're in a rush and need to stop to buy coffee, but consider this. If you spent $10 a week on coffee, you'd be wasting $520 a year. Ouch!

We know that you won't literally throw your money into the trash, but we also know that many of you(us) don't pay attention to where all of your(our) money goes. Even if you tried doing one or two of these things, you'll have more cash in your pocket. Try it out!

-The Taconnet Team