College Shopping Tips 101

Dare we say it? Fall is right around the corner, which means that school will be starting up again in the very near future. Gone are the long summer days, and before you know it, the leaves will be changing on the trees yet again. If you're an incoming first year student at college, chances are you'll be purchasing some new items for your dorm. Instead of draining your account, here's some quick tips to making sure you're fully prepared for your upcoming fall semester!

Split Costs With Your Roommate

There are certain items that are going to cost you a little money. For more expensive items, like a mini fridge, consider splitting the cost with your roommate. You're more than likely going to be sharing fridge space so you might as well go 50/50 on it. The same goes for grocery shopping. While you're more than likely going to stock up on things for your own meals, there are some essentials that you can pitch in on and save money by splitting the cost. If you're in an apartment, consider splitting the soap and shampoo costs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and anything else that you'll both be partaking in. You'll be happy you did!

Yard Sales

Depending on how big your dorm is, consider stopping by yard sales on the weekend and seeing what they have to offer for your room. We've seen everything from lamps and nightstands to old knitting books (we doubt you'll need those). Yard sales are a great way to get good quality items at a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay in the store.

Use Your Student ID


There are several stores that will offer you a discount if you show them a student ID. Whether it's a local restaurant, supermarket, convenient store, or even Amazon, do your research and see if they offer any special student ID discounts. You'll be surprised at who does!

Rent/Share Books

Instead of buying your books, rent them instead, or share with a friend who is in the class. Brand new textbooks can be costly, and quite frankly not always needed depending on the class. Have a conversation with the teacher to see if the textbook is required or if it's more of a guideline. Another trick that may save you money is to purchase an older version of a textbook. Now, this isn't always a great idea, but there are some books out there that are older, and the only thing that's changed in them is the photos. Be smart before you look for textbooks.

Refurbished Items

Does your major require that you purchase a computer? If so, consider buying a refurbished computer. Sure, it was broken at one time but if it's certified refurbished, it should be good to go for your college experience. Many refurbished items have warranties on them, so even if something goes wrong within a given time period, you should be able to bring it back for repairs.

Happy shopping!

--The Taconnet Team