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Equinox is here to serve you as a credit union member whether you're looking for a home, auto or recreational vehicle insurance quote. Their friendly staff is available to answer your questions and provide you with important information while catering to your insurance needs.

Life Insurance

LifeHelp Life Insurance

There is no price that you can put on the importance of life insurance in taking care of your peace of mind and providing for your family. That’s why as your Family Credit Union, Taconnet, provides you with the best resources for life insurance and that is LifeHelp. Do the research on your own without any pressure. Their helpful website will help you calculate your insurance needs, and answer some common questions about insurance. You can feel confident that they have 3 decades of experience, so you’ll know you’re talking with the experts.

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Gap InsuranceFor many drivers, their standard auto insurance policy provides enough coverage to pay for repairs or replacement if their car is damaged or stolen. However, if your car is totaled and the car's actual cash value is lower than the amount you owe, the difference, or "gap," isn't covered by your insurance. Your insurance company won't pay out more than the car is worth (before it was damaged) -- so you will be responsible for paying that amount. Gap is designed to cover this difference.

  • Gap helps pay off your remaining loan balance if your vehicle is stolen or damaged and is deemed a total loss.
  • Gap helps clear your credit allowing you to start fresh with a new vehicle purchase.
  • Gap is inexpensive and can be included as a small addition to your monthly payment.

Pets Best Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Taconnet offers pet insurance to protect the dogs and cats you love. Pets Best offers a wide range of plans and coverage options that make it easy to find the right coverage and an affordable price. For more information, visit

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Accidental Death Insurance

Taconnet offers Accidental Death Insurance as a free service providing you sign up for the insurance through our New Account Representative. There are different options that you may choose from with varied amounts paid to a beneficiary on the account. There is a small premium withdrawn quarterly from the account for that protection.

Ask Taconnet’s Cindy Gilbert at our main office in Winslow, or Mary Libold, Branch Manager, at our Skowhegan Branch for more information.